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BIC White-Out Brand EZ Correct Correction Tape, 39.3 Feet, 4-Count Pack of white Correction Tape, Fast, Clean and Easy to Use Tear-Resistant Tape


One 4-count pack of BIC White-Out Brand EZ Correct Correction Tape, a tear-resistant, film-based correction tape with a tape dispenser offering maximum comfort and control
Instantly write or type your corrections with this white correction tape, which requires no dry time and won’t bleed or drip
Clear correction tape dispenser lets you see exactly how much tape remains and the self-winding wheel lets you rewind the tape if it becomes loose
Each tape dispenser contains 39.3 feet of white correction tape to offer a long-lasting option for school or office supplies
Suitable for righties and lefties, these BIC White-Out Brand tapes offer a wide variety of use amongst students and employees for their documents and assignments
If your dispenser becomes loose, please DO NOT TAKE THE DISPENSER APART. Try these steps instead: 1. Press the nose of the dispenser firmly on paper, 2. While applying pressure, make a slow movement to the right, 3. Repeat until the tape rewinds
The perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season!
Width of the tape: 1/6 in